Coaching Updates for Parents

If you enjoy coaching your daughter, you’ll find helpful posts about topics we’re covering at summer camps and workshops filed under the “For Parents” category.

Here is an example you might expect to see for our upcoming Summer Camp:

Each day at summer camp from 9:15-10:00 am, we’ll be strengthening skills to build quality connections and friendships.

Having a sense of belonging is important at any age. It is especially critical to young girls. The High School Mentors discussed the difference between “belonging” (having friends who accept you just as you are) and “fitting in” (constantly striving to be accepted by an individual or small group).

We practiced confident body language, making eye contact, entering a room confidently,
and discussed the significance of tone of voice and attitude. The girls also learned five behaviors that stop good communication. They created skits showing how these five behaviors stop quality

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