Our Commitment: Inspiring, Coaching and Mentoring Your Daughter to be Her Personal Best!

Leadership 4Girls is dedicated to preparing your daughter for a lifetime of success. L4G coaches every girl to create an inner confidence and unwavering competence that stays with her for a lifetime.

Key Factors that Make Us Unique

Multimedia Curriculum - L4G uses a multimedia curriculum infused with video, photos and music to deliver powerful lessons such as body language, building relationships, effective communication, money management and integrating healthy habits. The multimedia curriculum is a critical element to capturing our youth’s attention and provides a powerful emotional component that takes learning to a new level.

Professional Staff & High School Mentors - L4G educators are certified, professional staff members who coach and work closely with high school mentors to deliver the L4G program to girls in elementary and middle school.

Community Service Projects - L4G participants learn specific skills to effectively lead and  participate in group initiatives.

Integrating Healthy Habits - L4G participants are coached to integrate different healthy habits into their daily routine.



Four Core Components

Leadership 4Girls provides fun and interactive workshops filled with powerful learning experiences that focus on four core areas:

    • Building Relationships & Friendships
    • Leadership & Community Service
    • Academic & Personal Success
    • Health & Wellness

L4G Impact

We seek to increase the following traits in every L4G girl:

  • Relationship Building Skills
  • Leadership Skills - Ability to Work Effectively in a Group
  • Involvement in Community Service
  • Academic Performance
  • Personal Success
  • Healthy Habits that Contribute to overall Wellness